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Every motorcycle will need parts at some point in its lifetime, and at the end of that lifetime, will often be broken up for parts, starting the cycle all over again.

Whilst new parts may be preferable for those with brand new bikes, those who are keen to save money, as well as to help the environment will be keen to look for used parts when making changes and modifications to their bikes.

Finding a spare part for your motorbike can be a nightmare especially if the motorbike is rare. It is equally difficult finding the correct spare part for certain caravans – especially if the caravan has reached a ripe, old age.

I requested a part through this website and cannot recommend them enough, they found the specific part I needed and provided me with a quote – nice and painless! So anyone pulling their hair out trying to find the right spare for their caravan, give Grantham Caravans a go.  

There are hundreds of motorcycle breakers up and down the country, and each one usually has thousands and thousands of spare parts from entire engines right down to the nuts and bolts that hold the bikes together.

For an idea of what a motorcycle breakers warehouse looks like, look at the photographs here: Breaking Point – Used Spares


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  • December 1, 2007 (2:39 pm)

    Some websites will charge you a small charge for the service, like this site here which charges 95p a search: Motorcycle breakers used parts request

  • Ebay, no way!

    Whilst many of the parts sites will allow you to phone up and request stock.

  • Selling your bike

    Selling your bike
    As well as selling parts to you, you may be able to sell your old bike to a breaker for cash. You can sell your bike to breakers like this: Stock – BHB Motorcycle Breakers

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