Hiring cars & bikes

Buying bikes for breaking
As well as buying the parts from motorcycle breakers, you can also buy the bikes to break yourself, or to bring back to a roadworthy condition, by buying working parts elsewhere.

The range of motorcycle dealers is broad, and there are even some websites that just sell bikes designed for breaking. They guarantee that they are clear of any finance or ownership issues, and often have a full service history.

Many of these sites have a catalogue of the bikes they have available online for you to browse from the comfort of your home.

Hire the car of your dreams


You have the ability to turn your everyday life into something extraordinary. Luxury car rental is something that will exceed all expectations, especially of those who enjoy the thrill of a fast car.
Prestige cars often feature Mercedes, Audi, Aston Martin and Jaguar.

The best of the best, Aston Martin DB9


The iconic car has been rated one of the best cars on the entire market, due to its grace, power and prestige feeling. You can rent this car to travel around the UK in style and for you to kick start your adventure in top form with speeds up to 185 MPH. Begin your journey and book.

Luxury car hire advice for the best experience


Hiring a car gives you complete freedom to explore your destination with no limits. Before going forward with any bookings, we suggest you carry out the following checks:

Understanding prices


Most hire companies include insurance, miles, and breakdown assistance. However, not all do. So, ask the company what’s included and make sure the price is worth the extras to avoid paying extra money.

Book in advance


If you’re looking to travel around the UK, rather than explore the city’s streets for a day, we suggest book as in advance as possible as this can help you budget for your entire trip. Look for quotes.

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Understanding Road Safety

Global Road Safety provides risk management solutions and fleet driver training to organisations seeking to improve their health and safety compliance, reduce fleet operational costs and safeguard the welfare of employees who drive as part of their work activity.

Transport costs are often a large expenditure for an organisation; therefore, an effective road safety plan is essential to keep costs as low as reasonably practicable.